Why your company needs an effective About page (and how to write one) 

August 4, 2021

About pages are one of the most visited web pages on any website. A great About page offers personality, transparency, and credence to a customer who wants to get to know a brand. Here’s our how and why guide to the About page.


Surprisingly, an increasing number of business owners now opt out of having a website, leaning into their Facebook or Instagram presence instead. It’s easy to see why, as social media platforms are low to no cost, have a ready-made audience, and the opportunity to go viral is always a day away. Except you don’t own your web presence on any social media platform. Any one of them could disappear overnight. While a great website is always an investment, the benefits continue to outweigh the cost. After all, despite living in a visually aesthetic market, words, not pictures, sell.  

A website with effective copy is still essential in today’s business world. It’s your shop window; space for you to build credibility, showcase your products or services, attract new customers and connect with your loyal ones.  

And undoubtedly, the most important page on your website, besides your Home or Landing page, is your About page.  

Here’s why: 

An About Page builds credibility

Prospective customers go to your About page when they want to find out about your products and services. Most customers want to buy from companies they genuinely feel aligned with. An About page is a place to cultivate positive first impressions.  

About pages nurture connection

Your About page is where you can showcase the face behind the brand and demonstrate your personality. When your audience sees that there are real, breathing humans with a purpose and corresponding values behind the brand, they will feel more connected to it.  

It’s also a space for you to tell your story, creating emotional resonance between your brand and your customers. Especially for value-based and purpose-driven brands, an About page is crucial for stating what you stand for.  

In the words of thought-leader Simon Senek, “People don’t buy what you do, they buy why you do it.” 

About pages create empathy  

So many brands make the mistake of treating their about page as mini-biographies, listing all their awards and achievements. They make the About page all about them. But it’s not supposed to be about you; the best About pages know that they should be about the customer. 

Your About page should show customers that you empathise with their struggles, understand what they want, and know precisely how you can help them get it.   


Here’s how to write an effective About page: 


The headline is the first thing any prospective customer will read, so it needs to grab their attention. The headline should give enough away to reel your customer in but also inspire them to keep on reading.  

It should include a small hook about who you are and highlight your why – the reason you do what you do.


Next, you should clearly explain your purpose, your values and your mission statement. You can also use this section to demonstrate what makes you different from your competitors.  

Your story

You can personalise this section, sharing snippets of your journey and how you got to be where you are today. 

The key here is not to focus wholly on yourself – invite your customer into your narrative.  

For instance, if you started your sustainable shampoo business because you were worried about the devastating effects of palm oil – tell your customer! Chances are they are planet-conscious too. Weave your story into your customer’s story. 

Method (optional) 

If your page requires additional information, you should add it here.  

For example, if you create your own natural dyes to hand-dye your products, this is where you can explain the creative process. This section is an excellent place to demonstrate what makes you unique from the competition.  


Here you can establish your authority expertise by highlighting top content platforms. 

Have you won an award? Have your own podcast? Been featured in a magazine? Where else can people find you? Include them all here!  


Every effective About page should include a call-to-action. Think about what you want your customer to do next and craft your CTA accordingly.  

Whether the next step in your customer’s journey is to schedule a call or browse your e-commerce store, you need to make it clear what they should do next. 


Further tips 

  • Prospective customers go to your About page when they are deciding whether to buy from you. Be mindful of where the customer is on their journey with every word you write. 
  • Clarity is always key! 
  • Include good-quality photos of you and your team (preferably smiling!) or high-quality, genuine consumer-created content. 
  • Speak directly to your customer in an active voice. 

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