The Business Blog Boom: leveraging the power of blogging to grow your business

August 18, 2021


There’s been a myth going around the internet for some time. And that is: blogging is dead. 

But at Fabl, we’re glad to announce that blogging is still alive and well in 2021.  

Blogging has come a long way since its inception back in the 90s; with the explosion of video and audio content and the rise of social outlets such as Instagram, Youtube, and podcasting, blogging has changed.  

Lifestyle blogs that covered a variety of topics – from fashion to parenting – and which usually took a diary-like narrative, have waned in popularity. In 2021, it’s the blogs that offer valuable and inspiring content thatare thriving.   

Blogging is an effective content marketing tool that gets traffic through the door and turns browsers into buyers/qualified leads. In fact, businesses that blog experience twice as much e-mail traffic as businesses that don’t – and it’s no wonder, given that 77% of all internet users read blogs. 

And that’s exactly why business owners need to leverage the power of the content blogging boom. 

Social media marketing isn’t enough  

Lots of businesses are choosing not to have blogs, doing all their content marketing through social media. And whilst social media marketing is important there are numerous pitfalls to solely relying on it.  

As business owners, we don’t own these social sites and therefore, we have no real control over them. We’re constantly battling the algorithm for visibility. And with social media trends changing every week, we’re always hustling to keep up and stay relevant.  

Social media sites are interested in generating as much revenue as possible, so they want you to pay for advertising space. They want to keep you small and invisible, so you’ll hand over your hard-earned cash to get in front of your ideal customers. 

Of course, there should be a place for social media in your overall marketing strategy. But other marketing streams are just as (if not more) important for growing your business.

Why your business needs a blog 

It’s a fact: businesses will always need websites. And while the static pages rarely change, blogs are full of fresh content that attract new customers. 

A blog can also 

  • Establish your brand as a professional in your industry and demonstrate your expertise 
  • Build brand awareness and teach your audience more about your products and offers 
  • Share great free content that will help your customers know, like and trust you 
  • Nurture your qualified leads 
  • Create clear, accessible archives of content 
  • Increase organic traffic through SEO  
  • Demonstrate how your products and services can solve your customer’s problems  
  • Show the behind-the-scenes of your business 
  • Craft a powerful brand story that resonates with your customers 
  • Build a loyal, mighty audience 

What to post on your blog  

Being strategic with your content marketing is key to growing your business through blogging. Every blog post should have a specific goal, from building your e-mail list to generating sales. There’s no sense in posting anything ‘off-brand’ just to fill space.  

It’s also worthwhile to consider including videos on your blog. Videos are a great way to reach more people as not everyone will want to spend time reading your content.  

Other things to post are  

  • A mixture of long and short posts 
  • FAQ  
  • How-to Tutorials 
  • Case studies 
  • Testimonial posts
  • Photographs and videos
  • Personal brand stories  

More blogging tips: 

  • Make sure you have a clear content marketing/blogging strategy 
  • Do Keyword Research so your blog works is more visible to search engines 
  • Use pictures and videos to break up text 
  • Create ‘skimmable’ content   
  • Include social media icons at the beginning and end of your post so they can be easily shared 
  • Use images with the header title on them at the top of the post. When people share your blog post on social media, it’ll show up with a great visual that’s easy to read.

Ready to up-level your business blogging game? 

Fabl Creative specialises in content marketing and blogging for do-good businesses. Whether you need assistance with your marketing strategy or content writing, we’re here to help you. Find out more about us or if you’re ready to dive in, book a free discovery call.