Sustainability is the new normal

April 9, 2021

The pandemic has hit the ‘reset’ button in every aspect of our lives, including how we run our businesses. The term ‘sustainability,’ once a buzzword or afterthought, is now imperative to our future as the youth marches and the activist work of Extinction Rebellion has demonstrated.

As the economy opens up again and we emerge out the other side we can’t go back to ‘business as usual.’ With NASA claiming that human activity accounts for 95% of global warming, it’s time to put sustainability at the heart of what we do. Companies, no matter size or scale, make an impact and here at Fabl, we want to use our impact for good.

We’ve come up with a few ways to put long-term sustainability at the core of your business.

Keep learning

If you’re serious about your social and environmental impact, it’s important you get clear on the facts. Find out what sustainability is and what it’s not. Spend time reading articles and researching so you know what you’re up against on local, national and international levels.

Keep innovating

When you view every aspect of your business through the lens of sustainability, new needs, ideas and challenges are sure to arise. You’ll find ways to turn strategy into results and serve the needs of people, the planet and your local community. Over time sustainable practices will become so integral to your company that you won’t even have to ‘think’ about it. It’s fine to get things wrong – that’s often how the best discoveries are made!

Set achievable goals

For long-term sustainability in your business, you need to set realistic and achievable goals. Goals give you something to work towards, keeps you accountable and acts as waymarkers. These goals should of course be relative to the scale and scope of your business, whether that’s working towards biodegradable packaging to becoming carbon neutral. It’s always good to look at what other businesses are aspiring to but don’t let it put you off. Set goals that are specific to your business.

Stay open

Customers are becoming increasingly eco-conscious. Figures show that over 60% of people in the UK are making more environmentally friendly, sustainable and ethical purchases since the pandemic started. And those figures are set to continue. It’s no longer good enough to be vague about how you source, manufacture and distribute your products – customers want access to in-depth information about the ways in which you operate. Being transparent on your website – even about the less than perfect bits – keeps you accountable and helps make you more credible to your customers. And remember, you’re not going to get it right all the time and that’s okay. Just be honest, stay open and keep talking.

We can all do something

At Fabl, we believe in the power of small. We can make an impact for good, no matter the size of our workforce or our social media reach. Whether it’s as simple as investing in recycling stations or a water filter machine instead of providing bottled water – there’s something we can all do to put sustainability at the heart of our business.