Meet the Fabl Creative Team: Aimée

April 2, 2021

Introducing Team Fabl Creative, our fiercely creative changemakers leading the way for a better future.

This week, meet Aimée, our Content Lead/Writer…

Aimee Coates Fabl Creative Writer EditorTell us about your background and how that led to your role at Fabl Creative. 

I studied Creative Writing and English Literature at University, followed by a Masters in Heritage Management. I read a lot of nature and environmental writing; I’ve always had a fierce desire to protect the places I love and preserve beauty for the future. For a while, I pursued a career in the conservation sector, but it felt deeply unfulfilling because I wasn’t writing. I heard nature author Tiffany Francis call herself a ‘creative conservationist’ and it sparked an idea: maybe I could use my words to make the world a greener place. I’m so grateful to Fabl for giving me this platform to promote my love for writing, sustainability and nature. 

Why is redefining good business important to you? 

Green practices should be the new norm, not just an afterthought or a marketing tactic. So many ‘ethical’ businesses are popping up all over the place, but when you deep-dive into the facts, they’re nothing but greenwashers. There’s a real demand for transparent and conscious businesses, but it’s not enough for just one aspect of a biz to be green. It’s important we’re striving to act ethically and sustainably in all aspects of our business model.  

What’s on your Fabl Creative playlist?

Folk is my favourite music genre, but I find it hard to listen to music with lyrics when I’m writing. Usually, my go-to’s are Piano concerto playlists or Classic FM. 

What is your favourite piece of advice/saying to share with others? Why? 

One of my lecturers once told me that to call yourself a writer, people have to read your work. I think he was wrong and had a deeply flawed view of creativity. I don’t believe you have to make money or be known to call yourself a writer or a painter, or a singer. Write a trilogy, compose a symphony, create an album, paint canvases until there’s no room left on the walls – do it for you. Do it because there’s a voice in you that can’t be silenced. 

Where is your favourite place in the world? 

Sitting cross-legged on my friend Nina’s roof terrace with a bowl of pasta and homemade pesto, looking over Bath’s skyline. I laughed up there until my sides ached, wept until I thought my heart would break, daydreamed, made plans for the future. Up there, I always felt so far away from everything but yet right in the heart of it.  


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