3 things you must do to connect with your ideal clients

May 14, 2021

Knowing who your audience / ideal clients are is fundamental to your freelance business. It’s never been easier to get your message out there and talk directly to your audience – they carry you around in their pocket, read your posts as wait in the queue to their favourite coffee shop and have access to your website 24/7.

It’s more important than ever that you get your marketing right.

Working out who your audience/clients are can become a mere tick-box exercise, and not something you are effectively implementing in your marketing strategy. And miscommunication is the breeding ground for problems: you’ll struggle to attract new clients, you won’t get much engagement on social media, your newsletters open rate will be low and your client list will be empty.

Here are the three things you can do right now to leverage up your freelance business and connect to your ideal clients:

1. Be decisive

“You get to decide who your ideal customer is. You choose who you want to work with, who you want to help and serve and who is ideal to you. So, let’s get out of the mindset of “finding”, and into the mindset of “deciding.” – Kayte Ferris

You get to choose who you serve. You get to choose how you serve. You don’t have to afraid of ‘getting it wrong.’ It’s your freelance business. There are of course certain bases you’ll have to cover but ultimately, you get to decide.

But the point is that you have to make decisions. You can’t just skim over this crucial part in the hope your clients will come, you have to get clear on who they are. 

Start with their demographics, use it as a springboard to dig a little deeper. Identify their dreams, needs, fears and aspirations, Once you know who they are, you can create content that bridges the gap between where they are now and where they want to be.

2. Be selfless

“Your customers don’t care about you. They don’t care about your product or service. They care about themselves, their dreams, their goals. Now, they will care much more if you help them reach their goals, and to do that, you must understand their goals, as well as their needs and deepest desires” – Steve Jobs.

Memorise the acronym ‘WIIFM’ = What’s In It For Me. 

Write it on a sticky note and put it on your wall. Make it your background. With every social media caption you write or sales page you craft, you need to think about what your customer/client can get out of it. 

As Steve Jobs said, your customer doesn’t care about you. The only time they care about you is when you’re helping them get what they want. By taking all the features of your product or service and flipping them into benefits for your client/customer, you’ll be showing them how your business can help them get to where they want to be.  

So it’s time to get humble, practice selflessness and put your customer first.

3. Be empathetic

“People trust those who understand them, and they trust brands who understand them too” – Donald Miller.

If you follow us at Fabl Creative, you’ll know that we do business with values-based, purpose-driven brands. So chances are empathy is an important part of your freelance business.

When we know customer/client’s internal problems, we can let them know that we understand, we’ve experienced the same things and would like to help them find a solution. We need to let our customers know what we understand what they’re going through, show them that we want to help them and offer a solution.

In his marketing book, ‘Building A Story Brand,’ Donald Miller suggests that you use empathetic language in your marketing materials.  Phrases such as ‘We understand how it feels to…’ or ‘Like you, we are frustrated by’ lets your audience know you understand.

Ultimately, you have to show your customers and clients that you care.